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Short Story

My very long story about learning ZwCad Architecture 2012+, teaching users
of Zwcad is written in this topic

This topic "How improve ZWCAD ARCHITECTURE 2012+" is in polish language. It
is written in posts ("blog form") from 11 June 2013, where I show problems
(errors), proposals of new functions, some tip/tricks. 
This topic shows also architectural drawing rules  in POLAND (EU)and how
to use ZWCAD ARCHITECTURE ( VERNUM = "2013.03.19(10973)") to draw according
to this rules. 
I do tests since 12 September 2013 ZWCad Architecture 2014+ Beta Eng 
     VERNUM = "2013.09.03(15493)" 
I Invite You here:

Please enjoy :) Short english version of polish topic is here: 
some examples pictures from blog: 
Attention, next proposals, practical using 
 etc. are continued here ,too. 

  1. Cad problem with Roof and solving it

Align Wall to Roof generates error of top surface of wall which is not parallel
 to bottom surface of Roof, some tips/trick allow avoid this CAD problem. 

Solving of CAD error. The Top Surface of Wall and The Bottom Surface Roof are parallel: 
my Example shows step by step properly displayed final effect of Aligned Wall to Roof.

Example. We draw rectangle exterior Walls 250mm with insulation 150mm, Hight = 3000mm
We draw Double Slope Roof 30deg. set with parameter Elevation = 3000mm, too.

1. Moove inside 2 Gable Walls 500mm.
2. Use command Align Wall to Roof
3. Moove outside 2 Gable Walls 500mm.

Top surfaces of Gable Walls are parallel to bottom surfaces of Roof

4. Some correction of point No.3 ..down  

 F.E. Final effect:



 3. New funcionality: UNIVERSAL_3D_BIM_PROFILE for ZWCAD ARCHITECTURE 2015+???







  8. Elevation label for polish standard of drawing example (polish standard – openned arrow)


9. New future functionality

3 types of ending of Roof should depend for User choice. It depends on slope angle of Roof. 
For test Thickness is constans = 200mm (wood beam), Slab Thickness = 200mm/cos(Slope) 
Propositions endings for ZWCAD Architecture 2015+??? 



which may be similar to mechanism CAD for Wall EXTERIOR. 

In medium/cold climat Architects need sometimes MULTI-LAYER WALLS example: 
Silica Bric 250mm + Insulation 120mm + Air Ventilation 40mm +
+ Silica Bric_120mm/Clinker Bric_120mm 

graphic example: 

13. No WOOD material for structures

Now We have 4 options: 
(0) No material 
(1) Reinforced concrete 
(2) Brick 
(3) Metal Why There is not WOOD (4) !!! 
If We use for traditional structure of building 
Bricks, reinforcement and Wood ....We may use steel by changing 
steel pattern to wood pattern 
step by step:

 14. Practical examples using of ZWCAD ARCH+2014

for Structural Engineering (Reinforcement):

 15. PDF3D by ARTISAN in Future?
 .... long long story will be continued in future here

in POLAND (EU) here (to see pictures needed registration in Polish forum):
Attention, next proposals, 
practical using  etc. are continued here ,too.  
 MaverS_71 (Martin_S)